Steam Mop -Things You Should Not Do

10011055B0B5F2ADB28_large1Steam floor mops are very handy to clean your complete home and some of the steam mops are easily affordable while some others are little pricy. It can reduce your cleaning time from the regular bucket routine. The surfaces are much cleaner, there is no smell, spills and you don’t want to rinse and you don’t want to put much effort on it. When using the steam mop, you shouldn’t do few things which are explained below.

It is not tough to find out a top steam mop in recent days. You can check on the internet for the best steam mop that is perfect for your cleaning requirement. You can also check the performance of the steam mops used by your friends and relatives before making your selection decision.

You do not plug in the steam mop before connecting the steam head. Once you plug-in the steam mops heated up very quickly and the foot of the mop becomes hot when you try to attach the steam cloth. Before you plug-in the steam mop, you must wait till the reservoir is filled with water, remove the cord and attach it to the mop head. Plugging the steam head is the last step. If the reservoir needs to be filling then you must give time to unplug it to fill.

You should not keep idle the hot steam mop. Are you ready to clean the floor and the steam mop is plugged in the outlet? A phone rings or you caught up at any other work to do till the steam mop heated up completely. You must remember that you should not let the steam mop idle for any reason.
Once you plugged in the mop, you must start the cleaning process. If you need any interruption in the middle then you must unplug it and plug it again later. When moving to the next room you must follow the same process and when you want to clean the room, you must unplug it till the room is ready.

You should not ignore vacuuming process before steam mopping. Though the steam mop picks up the dirt, sand, crumbs, pet hair and any other debris, there are high chances of dirt mire that will be spotted over the floor and obstructs the steam mop to do a good work. In such circumstances, you need to alter the mop head to complete the cleaning job.

You should remember that you should not use any other thing in the water tank apart from water. You do not add detergents or smelly ingredients and the hot steam is enough to give the wonderful cleaning job to the floor. It is good practice to read the manual and follow the procedures as given.

You never clean the surfaces with the dirty mop head. When cleaning a large floor area, or cleaning multiple rooms, you must remove the mop head when it is dirty and clean the cloth thoroughly before cleaning the next room or other areas in a room.

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